WBC Enterprising Womens' Project Review by Julie Waas
I'm so grateful to Angelina Musik for inviting me to participate in her 100 Enterprising Women's Project. Angelina is an incredible entrepreneur who's committed to mentoring and helping women succeed in their businesses at the highest level. As someone who has devoted my career a...

The Art of Health is a 12 week program designed to help readers achieve optimal health. Written by Dr. Kevin Chan, a board certified physician, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

WBC Skin Care Boot Camp with Dr. MaryBeth Parisi
Over 17 years as a Harvard Trained Dermatologist in private practice. I see hundreds of patients in a month. I have been recommending the best and most effective prescription and over the counter products available....

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Angelina Musik in Entrepreneur Magazine for WBC
Angelina Musik drops in to a Barnes & Noble Book Store in Phoenix AZ to grab a copy of the March-April issue of Entrepreneur Magazine which features The Enterprising Women's Project and experts in the Wellness by Choice September Expositorium at the Phoenix Convention Center! The...

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The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.
Pierre De Coubertin