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Essential facets of 'Wellness by Choice' are awareness, personal responsibility, and action. Choosing to live well depends on recognizing the biological subtleties of one's own body, awareness of stressors and disciplines, and having a support system that makes a difference.

Angelina and I are facilitating wellness advocates and health professionals with a greater reach to affect a larger audience. If that sings with you then listen to what participants say, learn about our platform and expos.

When the evidence satisfies your interest please reach out. We'd love to consider your expertise and aim as a participant and beneficiary.

Daniel & Angelina Musik-Comp (WBC Founders)
TEXT Angelina (480) 440-4740

Participating Wellness Champions

Nisha Jackson, Phd
Hormone and functional medicine specialist.
Author of 'Brilliant Burnout', Lecturer, Radio Host


Terence Young, MD
Physician Entpreneur Empowerment Trainer
OBGYN, Author of 'Doctorpreneur', Lecturer


MaryBeth Parisi, MD
Dermatologist and Skin Care Camp Founder
Author of 'Into My Beach Bag Goes', Lecturer


Wellness by Choice Syndication Network

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"Web syndication is a form of syndication (distribution) in which content is made available from one website to many other websites. Syndication is an effective way of adding greater depth and immediacy of information... and for the content provider, syndication greatly increases exposure."

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Syndication Evidence
Kevin Chan D.O. The Art of Health Book
Syndication Evidence
Daniel Comp Scotomaville Chapter 11
Syndication Evidence
Dolores Fazzino DPN, RN Concierge Surgical Coaching