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Hi! I’m Angelina Musik, founder of Wellness by Choice. My mission is to help reduce you from being blindsided by illness while connecting you to trustworthy experts to wellness, by choice. You see, my son Chris died at 31 years old January 5, 2021 unaware of his illness which led to acute stage 4 liver disease, and an outcome he  and we never could have imagined.

Starting Friday Dec 8th, I will online broadcasting educational videos and the WBC chatGPT is under production to soon then engage with!

In the meantime, view some of the shorts below. And if you came to this page from Hemisphere Magazine click on the link below to download the Enterprising Women's Chapter to meet enterprising women of integrity!



Come back weekly to meet experts I've come to know, like and trust so that you may too!

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Unstoppable Healing with the Kloud
Sabine Messner & Leslie Allyn Finkel share their best-in-class triple-patented Swiss-German PEMA frequency technology to improve your overall wellness and resilience.

Dr. Nancy Gaines, DNP
Dr. Nancy is a board-certified Integrative Healthcare Practitioner, CEO/President of Dr. Nancy's Integrative Medicine: Living Your Best Life Now!

Kevin Chan, OD
Owner Pineapple Health Phoenix, Lipidologist, Author of The Art of Health: Your Health Warrior Awakens

FloatnThang for Water Therapy & Recreation
Originally invented as a physical therapy tool by Doug Masi to loosen up his knee injured from running has evolved into a recreational tool with safety at the lake or pool.

Lovingly Effective K-9 Culture Dog Training
“A Dog That Is A Joy To Live With!" by creating harmonious bonds between canine and owners through positive, comprehensive dog training.


Terence Young, MD
Physician Entrepreneur, OBGYN, Author of “Foundation Focus Freedom”, Doctorpreneur & Lecturer


B3 Resistance Bands
Suzanne Beninate is a former body builder and a wellness warrior who is B3 BFR Certified coaching individuals and practitioners how to use blood flow resistance bands for exercise and physical therapy in their practice.


Moli Roots Non-Toxic Chakra Candles
Mozart & Luayy manufacture and sell toxic free home & office beautification natural ingredient products especially for the highly sensitive!

Dolores Fazzino, DNP
Intuitive Wellness Practitioner, Educator and Author of "Healing in ways you never thought possible!"

Holistic Aesthetic Body & Beauty Balance
Aesthetic Entrepreneur Patti Saponaro, founder of Fiorina Beauty, helps women at the cellular level through her nutritional powder drink: Beauty Balance.

Lifewave Patches for Phoenix/Scottsdale
Brenda Foshee shares how Lifewave Phototherapy Stem Cell Patches is improving the quality of life for herself, her mom, and others.


Sharon Prentice, PhD
Psychotherapist/Author: 'Becoming Starlight: A Shared Death Journey from Darkness to Light'


Why Wellness by Choice?

Hi! I’m Angelina Musik, founder of Wellness by Choice. I introduce hand selected practitioners, experts, products, and services to those genuinely seeking help on how to live smarter, healthier, happier, and longer. For themselves, and those they love, including their pets!

These are professionals I’ve come to know, like and trust so that you may too. Experts who are at the top of their niche based on the competence, history, and what others say about them

Professionals who want to help replace confusion with clarity, and doubt with confidence moving forward so they can help you realize your goals on how to live smarter, healthier, happier and longer. Improve the quality of life for yourself, and those you love.

I founded Wellness by Choice to: 

• reach and teach the masses as not to be blindsided by illness.
• introduce trustworthy experts to those genuinely seeking answers.
• protect individuals from being bamboozled by the untrustworthy.
• deploy a multimedia & multiplatform education-based delivery system.


Good Grief Memory Installation

Good Grief Tour - Angelina Musik - Chris ParishMy 31-year son Christian Alois died January 5, 2021 from end of life stage 4 liver disease he was blindsided by.

Symptoms started just six months earlier, and he was afraid to go to the hospital because of COVID.

October 5th, my birthday, would be the last time I'd see this joyful face through a Facetime video. By November he shared that his belly made him look like he was pregnant. I offered to send the abulance. Instead, he said he'd go to the ER. He finally did December 10, 2020.

He was septic from constipation from OTC pain meds for kidney stone pain he didn't know he had, low blood pressure and anemic from his intestines bleeding internally.

From the critical care unit he asked me,"Mom, did you know it was going to be this bad?" I said, "I did not." For almost three weeks he felt every bit of pain due to the condition of his liver and kidneys.

My plea to you is to get smarter and healthier as soon as possible and I'll do my best to help introduce you to to trustworthy experts to help. Ultimately, your wellness is by choice!