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May 7-9 2021 WestWorld Scottsdale Expo


Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo - Home, Food, Travel, Pet Expo - Beauty, Jewelry, and more . . .

produced by U.S. SBA Awarded Angelina Musik-Comp

From $645.00 $595.00
New Vendor & COVID 'come back' discounted pricing. Memorial Message Walls Exhibit to write a prayer or message for a lost loved one. Four Speaker Stages for Vendors to Demo from.
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Hi! I’m Angelina Musik, founder of Wellness by Choice and creator of the Enterprising Women's Project.

WHAT I DO: I promote vendors who help us live smarter, healthier and happier through the help of their expertise, products and services.

WHY I DO IT : In today's world sometimes it's hard to know whom you can trust. There are many imposters. I only work with authentics I've come to like, know and trust so TOGETHER we can ensure the quality, integrity and success of our mission to reach, teach, empower and impact other while growing our enterprises, and giving back.

HOW: Expos & Events, Web Syndicated Online, in Print, Media, and Social Media . . . etc...

Beyond your BOOTH package; MY investment in you, includes:

  • Promoting Your Company Marketing Video in Wellness by Choice Video Library

  • Creating Your Company Web Page w/back-links to Your Website & Contact Form

  • Creating Your Participation Press Release to Social Media Post/Send out to Your Contacts to Promote

  • Promoting You in Wellness by Choice Digital Magazine (Web Syndicated local, statewide, national)

  • Marketing Designation: 'As seen in Wellness by Choice Magazine' Logo

  • Swag Bag Marketing Inclusion

Minimum $25 Door Prize to receive attendee door prize contact list.


4X10 INLINE BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $50) = Model 2021WestWorld-4x10I $645.00 $595.00 3
4X10 CORNER BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $50) = Model 2021WestWorld-4x10C $745.00 $695.00 3
6X10 INLINE BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $100) = Model 2021WestWorld-6X10I $895.00 $795.00 3
6X10 CORNER BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $100) = Model 2021WestWorld-6x10C $995.00 $895.00 3
10X10 INLINE BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $200) = Model 2021WestWorld-10x10 $1395.00 $1195.00 3
10X10 CORNER BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $200) = Model 2021WestWorld-10x10C $1695.00 $1495.00 3
10X20 ENCAP BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $200) = Model 2021WestWorld-10x10E $3695.00 $3495.00 3
20X20 ISLAND BOOTH Package (DISCOUNTED BY $400) = Model 2021WestWorld-20x20I $7395.00 $6995.00 3
MEMORIAL WALL SPONSORSHIP (Your msg/info 2' high and 4' wide) Model 2021WestWorld-MW $995.00 $595.00 3