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May 7-9 2021 WestWorld Scotomaville Summit

Scotomaville 'Street-Smarts' Summit

May 7-9 2021 Scotomaville Summit and Wellness by Choice Expo Booth at WestWorld in Scottsdale


From $500.00
Scotomaville Summit & Exhibitor booth packages at the Wellness by Choice Expo - May 7-9, 2021, WestWorld at Scottsdale, AZ
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The Summit has limited registration for 200 Airstreams, with an estimated 2.5 participants per registration so we're anticipating you'll be able to meet up to 500 enterprising Airstreamers. We'll have COVID vaccinations on the property as well as COVID social rules in place, an open-air tent for keynotes and discussions, along with a huge air-conditioned indoor arena to cool off in the afternoon. The Scottsdale May high temps are 80-95, low temps 55-75. If needed, afternoon sessions of the Summit will be staged in the air-conditioned main arena. See the WestWorld property.



The AIRSTREAMING SUMMIT is designed as a participatory event with applicable tips, insights, and practices that make their enterprise and life experience richer. All attendees will able to share before, during and after the Summit. A registrant directory with a participant 'feature' video is available before and after the event.

This is a highly interactive summit, not a stage-to-audience thing. Keynote presentations are designed to engage each participant in small group discussion. Each hour we will shuffle the participant seating and have a new round of  '60sec' group participant introductions to ensure every attendee leaves with dozens of new introductions.



With super-computers pointed at your brain, 'KNOW THYSELF' is no longer a luxury, it's a full-out competition. The Summit Keynotes are designed to give you numerous eye-opening insights into your experiences AIRSTREAMING in a world of rapidly accelerating change. We believe the greatest expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. Imagine learning insights from up to 500 ENTERPRISING AIRSTREAMERS!



Enterprising Airstreamers are invited to bring their products and services to show to Summit participants and attendees of the Wellness by Choice Expo in the main arena as well as the horse show attendees all across the WestWorld site. Over the same weekend there's an expected 30,000 public visitors to the WBC Expo, so Summit attendees with products or services may also want to have a booth as a WBC Vendor.



Scotomaville has a huge private syndication to nationally publish content from each participant to feature a YouTube video and transcript, or an article on their enterprising expertise. This means you can review presentations by each participant long after the physical event. Google will list many of the syndicated pages for those not able to attend in-person.



Become aware of your biological vulnerabilities in an age of rapidly accelerating change with hands-on examples of physical and psychological blind-spots that others 'game' you with. You'll gain insights into the age-old practices of 'big tech', 'main-stream' media and across the political spectrum, including classic board-games and mental puzzles...

Well-define your personal philosophy and beliefs regarding current and upcoming challenges in business and life with a refined foundation of 'Onus Probandi'.

An introduction to personal wellness from a broad-spectrum overview of living well and long, to practical steps to access the longevity 'on-ramp' including introductions to emerging therapeutics and technologies that you can incorporate while living/working on-the-road.

Learn from the experiences of others and sharing your hard-learned lessons on life and business in order to avoid disasters and gain leverage with a mobile life-style and enterprise.



Thursday, May 6th, 2021

   All Day: arrivals and open selection of Airstream sites with 30A electric water
   All Day: vendor booth setup in the Main Arena
    Optional: 4PM- Meet and Greet


Friday, May 7th, 2021

in the Summit Tent
   First Session 9AM-11AM
       'Scotomas' participatory Keynote w/ small group discussions

  • physical blind-spots
  • mental blind-spots
  • game strategy
  • big tech & media gaming
  • the road ahead


    Lunch Break
    Second Session 1PM-3PM
        'Philosophy' participatory Keynote w/ small group discussions

  • dependent vs. independent
  • capitalism and mobile enterprises
  • personal responsibility
  • solo vs collaborative

    Optional Session 7PM-9PM
        Private showing of 'The Social Dilemma'


Saturday, May 8th, 2021

in the Summit Tent
    Third Session 9AM-11AM
        'Wellness' participatory Keynote w/ small group discussions

  • food/drink
  • stress
  • exersize
  • sleep
  • money
  • community

    Lunch Break
    10AM-5PM Main Arena Expo open for review and networking
    Fourth Session 1PM-3PM
    'Street-Smarts' participatory Keynote w/ small group discussions

  • security
  • certainty/variety
  • costs & gotchas
  • tweaks & upgrades
  • strategy
  • 'did-you-know'?


Sunday, May 9th, 2021 (Mothers Day)

in the Summit Tent
    Fifth Session 9AM-11AM
        'Summary' Keynote w/ small group discussions
    10AM-5PM Main Arena Expo open for review and networking
    1PM- Summit Stage video interviews
    Vendor booth knock-down




Booth Kit: (1) 6' Table, (2) Chairs, 8' Backdrop, WiFi included
Pre-event Marketing Video in Wellness by Choice Video Library
Company Web Page w/back-links to Your Website & Contact Form
Participation Press Release Web Syndicated local, statewide and/or, national
Wellness by Choice Magazine Listing/Marketing
Marketing Designations: 'As seen in Wellness by Choice Magazine'
Swag Bag Marketing Inclusion

Minimum $25 Door Prize to receive attendee door prize contact list.


Electrical Outlets Option ($125 setup fee)

WestWorld Virtual Tour

Summit Participation May 7-9 2021 Model 2021Scotomaville $500.00 2
Summit Participation and 6X10 CORNER BOOTH Package Model 2021WestWorld-6x10C $1695.00 2
Summit Participation and 10X10 INLINE BOOTH Package Model 2021WestWorld-10x10 $2095.00 2
Summit Participation and 10X10 CORNER BOOTH Package Model 2021WestWorld-10x10C $2495.00 2
DEPOSIT to Hold May 7-9 2021 WestWorld Booth and Summit Model 2021WestWorldDep $500.00 2