The Wellness Pageant

Our Wellness by Choice Wellness Pageant challenges competing participants to showcase their character, intellectual, health, fitness, financial and philanthropic wellness. Contestants illustrate how they are navigating through their transformative journey toward a more prepared and empowered future for themselves and future generations as they lead by example.

In this pageant, each participant will provide a pitch deck where we learn about their backstory, the WHY behind their participation, and documentation which validate their standing of wellness in each of the required categories.

In this journey, contestants demonstrate how their commitment to their future selves can unlock doors to transformative opportunities such as scholarships, speaking engagements, sponsorships, enhanced visibility, credibility, and employment opportunties.

The Wellness Pageant serves as both an educational and inspirational platform, where contestants become ambassadors of positive change.

Through their actions and words, they educate and inspire others, encouraging them to adopt similar practices in their lives and teach them how in the process. This creates a ripple effect, empowering a broader audience to assess and recalibrate their own lives, fostering a collective movement toward a healthier, more fulfilling future.