Angelina's Wellness by Choice Project + TV Show

Lynsi Friedkin
Owner of Breathe Chiropractic
Dr. Alan Frandsen DC

Dr. Kevin Chan (O.D)
Owner Pineapple Health Phoenix
Author of the Art of Health, Practice Owner

Deb Smith
Desert Pride Real Estate Broker/Owner
Founder of Lion's Heart Sanctuary

Wellness by Choice Project

"I founded Wellness by Choice to help connect wellness minded consumers to trustworthy expertise, products and services which help us better achieve our goals of living smarter, healthier and happier, while giving back!" (Angelina Musik)


  • Wellness minded individuals + Industry Professionals
  • Age 34-68
  • Medium Income: $156k+
  • Searching for smarter and healthier answers to achieve their goals.
  • Want to know, like and trust experts recommended to take the next step.
  • Cross referral and Peer Networking opportunities.
  • Products and devices which equip them with additional services, revenue, and insights.


  • TV Show Expert Interviews
  • Geo Targeted PR Article of Expert across AZ
  • Spring/Summer Content Awareness and Promotion 
  • Geo URL Report: View Breathe Chiropractic's Report
  • SEO/Backlinks: article optimized/submitted/indexed with at least 291 backlinks
  • TV Show: Angelina's Wellness by Choice TV show is half hour commercial free show airing on a local Phoenix Network and online across the Wellness by Choice Network reaching 19,111 U.S. cities, military bases and college campuses.
  • Print magazine: 4 color high glossy ad-free educational journal of article by niche experts
  • Fall In-Person Expo: 2022 Wellness by Choice


  • backstory (WHO you are)
  • mission (WHY you specialize)
  • offerings (HOW you offer WHAT)
  • timeline (WHEN to consider it)
  • promotion (a PROMO to get started)
  • insights (WHAT we should know)


  • multiplatform, education based marketing
  • visibility, credibility, media designations
  • peer networking and referral relationships
  • increased probability of new clients/sales

PARTICIPATION COST is $2495 - $2995.

  • EXPO: 10x10 Booth at the in-person 2022 Fall Wellness by Choice Expo
    • 10x10 inline booth: $2495
    • 10x10 corner booth $2995
  • PRINT: 1/4 Column in the Wellness by Choice Print Magazine
  • PR: GEO Targeted in 291 Arizona Cities web syndicated
  • SEO: 291 GEO Targeted Backlinks to your website.
  • BONUS! I (Angelina) will invest in YOU to have a segment on  my weekly Angelina's 'Wellness by Choice' TV Show


  • Step 1 - a tour of your location for B role footage combined with your voiceover.
  • Step 2 - strategy - Airstream interview strategy (yes, you can have an Airstream tour : )
  • Step 3 - interview: casual 'get to know you' type of interview style with Angelina
  • Step 4 - photos to prove you were here!
  • Step 5 - experience review on video which is the first item to promote you through on social media.


  • MEET experts face to face at their booths At the 2022 Wellness by Choice Expo Fall Expo
  • HEAR them speak on one of the stages
  • READ their column in the Wellness by Choice Magazine
  • FIND them through the search engines online


  • EXPERIENCE: Discover your marketing gaps part of this experience will help fill.
  • COLLATERAL: Photos and videos to use on your marketing material
    • TV SHOW
      • 'AS SEEN ON The Angelina 'Wellness by Choice' TV Show in Phoenix'
      • 'NATIONALLY SYNDICATED GUEST ON The Angelina 'Wellness by Choice' TV Show broadcast across the U.S.'
      • 'AS SEEN IN the Wellness by Choice Print Magazine'
      • 'PUBLISHED CONTRIBUTING EXPERT IN the Wellness by Choice Magazine'
    • ONLINE
      • 'NATIONALLY SYNDICATED Contributing Expert in Wellness by Choice Network'
      • 'INTERNATIONALLY SYNDICATED Contributing Expert in Wellness by Choice Network'
      • 'SPEAKER at 2022 Fall Wellness by Choice Event'

Angelina Musik

Wellness by Choice Reviews

Dr. Kevin Chan, Lipidologist, Speaker, Author, Owner of Pineapple Health, [Phoenix, AZ]

“There’s a saying to follow those who have been there. Angelina Musik is one to follow on how to impact bigger through her commitment to help wellness entrepreneurs through Wellness by Choice. I’m learning from her and evolving along with those in the Wellness by Choice project. I’m excited to be branded as an ‘integrative health philosopher’ and interviewed on her show as the author of The Art of Health: Your Health Warrior Awakens: A 12-Week Program to Achieve Optimal Health, Based on the Principles of Sun Tzu. I believe that educating individuals on the personal and economic cost and rewards self-care is vital!”

Dr. MaryBeth Parisi, Dermatologist, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, [NYC, NY]

“When Angelina approached me with her Wellness by Choice project and vision, I fell in love with her idea of creating a network of hand-picked experts coming together in the medical, health and wellness industry. To share their knowledge and solutions on how to live healthier and better. Mind, body, and skin. The better you feel, the better you look, the more self-confidence you have. I’m here to educate on the appropriate use of products I truly trust to get the healthiest skin and so excited to be a part of Angelina's project with other providers. To give genuine care, service and value while improving your skin and self-confidence.”

Dr. Terence Young, OBGYN, Speaker, Author, ‘Coach Doctrepreneur’, [Danville, IL]

"What's unique about Wellness by Choice is that Angelina has painstakingly hand-picked and created a network of professionals across multiple disciplines people who are genuinely working on your behalf to provide you with the best value service and information. Knowing that your interest is placed first as a patient is reassuring that you're in the right hands. For me to align with a network of like-minded people is critical so I can confidently guide people to those other disciplines outside of my own. This makes me proud that we have a corps of individuals coming together who carry themselves with honesty and integrity."

Nisha Jackson, Ph.D. Owner, One Peak Medical Clinic, Brand(X), Speaker, Author, [OR]

"I’m so excited to be working with Angelina Musik's Wellness by Choice and Enterprising Women's Project which supports the mission of helping experienced, trustworthy, and authentic experts in medicine and in business to shine greater, and to serve in the most honorable way. I think it's really important that we're put on this earth to use our skills and our gifts. What better way to do that than to be surrounded by other healthcare professionals that can help you get down the path of your greater good. So, thank you so much angelina for putting this together. I'm filled with gratitude that you're able to allow me to be part of this wonderful project."

Schaffner, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Plastic Surgeon - [Manhattan, NY]

"I’ve come to experience how Angelina is a highly motivated and organized individual who works very hard to help her clients succeed. She is dedicated to helping people prevent problems as well as helping people solve challenging problems. She works with the best people to offer the best possible solutions. She is a pleasure to work with and someone I can trust with my best interest in mind." [Since 2012]

Adam Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Miami Plastic Surgeon - [Miami, FL]

"I participated in Angelina's Beautiful intelligence program in 2012 that works with practitioners, contributing a portion of the proceeds to a pro-bono surgery fund. Being in the business of beauty and making people feel better about themselves and is rewarding, being a part of something like this is even more so. It's both intelligent, and one of the most beautiful gestures one can do for another."

James H. Jordan Jr, O.D. FOAA – Retired Optometrist/OrthoKeratologist [Arvada, CO]

"I met Angelina at the 2006 Orthokeratology Conference as she was filming the public awareness documentary for our Orthokeratolgoy Association. I then flew to Texas to film an Orthok video for my practice with her while also learning from Angelina how she took Dr. White’s new practice and made it amazingly profitable within 6 months who was solely focusing on selling Orthok without other Optician services. Once I returned to my practice, I implement the same formula with success. [Since 2006].

Mario Diana MD FACS - Retired Owner New Day Plastic Surgery [Dallas, TX}

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Angelina and her husband Daniel on multiple projects since the early 2000s. I have always found them to be creative and out-of-the-box, and particularly honest and with a high degree of integrity. I would wholeheartedly recommend Angelina as a leader and creative motivator of the uppermost rank. I’m here for her when she’s ready for my help with Wellness by Choice so that more independent practices can grow and succeed through her help. " [Since 2001]

Tzachi Litov, Fmr Clinic Director, Bellevue Amen Clinic NW for the Brain [Bellevue, WA]

“Wellness by Choice is a "must have" for those truly interested in investing in the growth of their medical practices.. For providers, the unique ability to benefit from the offline expo, online PR syndication benefits, mobile and print marketing presence is a "must have"!  Amen Clinic benefited from its own system built by Angelina and Daniel, the team behind Wellness by Choice.  [since 2013]


Soma Peterson, RN, B.S.N., CCST Cranial Sacral Therapy, [Hood River, OR]

"My experience of Angelina has been lovely and unexpected! She started mentoring me and marketing my Cranialsacral practice in 2015. Built my online reputation with a website and social media and connected me with others to collaborate. Her commitment to really assist people with their professional goals is unique and rare. She is entertaining, warm, approachable and fun to work with and exudes creativity with genuine concern for her clients.” [Since 2015]

Frans Bosman, Retired Sound Therapy Inventor and Specialist using Pipe Organs

"Before I met Angelina, my practice as a Sound Therapist and business as an Organ Pipe Restoration Expert was struggling. I did not expect her personal coaching and skills as an expert in her niche to be as effective as it was. In Angelina, I found a safe place to share without the slightest hint of judgment. She helped helps me navigate in life and business as I grow my confidence and faith in both!” [Since 2015]