Angelina Musik and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and Shark Discoveries


Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington's Shark Discoveries production team will be there filming about the Wellness by Choice Retreats Spring 2023 .

Kevin Harrington, one of the original “Sharks” on the Emmy-winning TV Show Shark Tank (and founder of AS SEEN ON TV) and his Shark Discoveries team to launch a Brand Response TV Advertising [BRTV] campaign for Wellness by Choice focusing on physical and virtual retreats for Enterprising Women (desiring wellness+personal development+financial empowerment) and Wellness Entrepreneurs (who offer wellness expertise, products, and services).

The BRTV 60 second spot will start with a 20 second video introduction by Kevin Harrington followed by 40 seconds of video which communicates visual aspects experienced at the retreat physically AND virtually. Then a 30 sec trimmed version is created.

Beyond this an additional 2 minute extended video segment will be custom created for the entrepreneurs who are presenting at this retreat.


The :30-second commercial distribution is:

  • 100 regional broadcasts on targeted cable TV networks for your audience
  • 2,000 targeted On-Demand unskippable plays via OTT/CTV (Over-the-Top/Connected TV) streaming services/devices, such as YouTube TV, Roku, Hulu, ESPN+, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Peacock, Google TV and Apple TV

The :60-second commercial distribution is:

  • 100 regional broadcasts on targeted cable TV networks
  • 500,000 guaranteed Twitter impressions
  • Posted on Shark Discoveries Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

I will acquire the raw footage of what their team is taping PLUS have my own production team there filming the production of the production. So while you are speaking to the in person audience who will be there that day learning from you AND the virtual audience two production teams will be capturing you. Additional footage for you to benefit from after the fact.


Dr. Kevin Chan, (D.O.)
Lipidologist, Speaker, Author
Owner of Pineapple Health
[Phoenix, AZ]


Dr. Terence Young (M.D.)
OBGYN, Speaker, Author
‘Coach Doctrepreneur’
[Danville, IL]


Dr. Gloriana Hunder (Ed.D., MBA)
Emotional Wellness Educator
Author, Real-Life Expert